Fireworks can stress your pets
Fireworks can be a lot of fun for people, but for most pets, especially dogs, fireworks can be very stressful.

That’s why officials say July 5 is one of the busiest days of the year for animal shelters across the country.

The loud booms from fireworks can traumatize your pet and officials say the scare causes some pets to run away.

When pets do escape, they become at risk of being hit by a car and many end up in animal shelters.

"Dogs can be very scared of the fireworks. There's a lot going on. It's easy for people to lose track of thei
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4th of July Pet Safety Tips
4th of July is the celebration of all things American, from fireworks to hot dogs on the grill.  Besides the usual red, white and blue decorations, family, friends and great food, there are always necessary precautions that need to be taken to ensure safety and fun for all – even man’s best friend, your dog.

When it comes to fireworks specifically, the loud explosions and toxic chemicals used to create these fantastic displays can cause severe panic and potential harm to your pets. By ensuring their safety with a few simple steps, everyone can enjoy this great-American holiday. Camp Bow Wow offers these following tips:

4th of July Pet Safety Tips

1. Make a Plan – If you’re holding a 4th of July party or attending one away from home, plan accordingly. The safest way to keep your pet and guests safe is simply by leaving your pets at home or secured indoors. When it comes time for the fireworks, make sure your pet is secured in
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Protect your pet from Fourth of July frights
Protect your pets this Fourth of July by following a few simple steps. Even though your pet may be accustomed to loud noises, disturbances and disruptions, they may still become startled with the Fourth of July activities.

Maybe your neighbors are throwing firecrackers or setting off bottle rockets. You could be having a neighborhood party and watching a fireworks display. Any unusual activity such as this could cause your pet to become frightened, running away to avoid the unknown, eventually becoming lost while trying to find a safe place.

There is a good chance a pet found running loose is because of the noisy fireworks. It has been said that July 5 is one of the busiest days of the year for shelters. I know we do pick up more loose pets during this time, but there are ways to prevent your pet from being frightened and getting loose.

Keeping your pets indoors at all times during the celebrations is ideal. It would even be better if someone stayed hom
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